Willison Price NMLS# 716993

Founder, Producing Mortgage Broker

“My goal is to ensure that clients and realtors are well educated and informed of the entire loan process. My number one priority is a smooth transaction and to develop well educated borrowers.”

Mike Benson NMLS #2266172

Mortgage Broker

“I believe one of the most important things we can do in life is to be of service to people. It’s because of this belief that my ultimate goal is to serve my clients, and to go above and beyond throughout the home buying process. For many people, it’s their dream to find the perfect home. It’s my job to help them find the best finance options to make that dream happen. My promise is to do it with passion and integrity and help my clients feel supported throughout. Let’s make your dream happen!”

Veronica Benson NMLS# 2086322

Senior Mortgage Broker

“My mission is to provide education and guidance in the mortgage process for all of my clients. My goal is to make the experience as easy and seamless as possible while providing the best customer service, and building strong relationships. I commit to giving your dreams an address!”

Heather Berry NMLS #2299252

Mortgage Broker

“The financial aspects of home buying can be stressful and overwhelming—but they don’t have to be. With over 12 years of experience in the Colorado real estate industry, I’ve watched these markets ebb and flow. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, looking to trade up or downsize, or simply wishing for a change, my goal is to help you before you ever make an offer on a property. Let’s take some time to look over your budget, income, and savings together to make sure you get a clear picture of the many factors to consider, along with all your options, so you can concentrate on making the best decision for your needs. Let’s get started making your home-ownership dream come true.”

Katy Brailsford NMLS# 20090000

Processor I / Mortgage Broker

“My goal is to maintain world class customer service to my clients and their real estate agents in order to provide a low-stress, enjoyable experience that leaves all parties educated, empowered, and happy.”

Aubree Cobb NMLS #2180641

Mortgage Broker

“From personal experience, I know how overwhelming the process of buying a home can be. The reason I became a mortgage broker is to help guide, educate, support, and generally make the process less worrisome for my clients. I will be by your side through it all. I believe it is important to provide service to the utmost of my abilities. My goal is to form a long term relationship that you can rely on for all of your mortgage needs.” 

Brent Crawford NMLS #2239229

Senior Mortgage Broker

“I have a passion for going above and beyond for my clients and doing all that I can to exceed their expectations, whether that is for a new home purchase or refinance transaction. If you’d like to work with someone who is friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and available for all of your questions, I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you.”

Peter Gregory NMLS# 1436770

Mortgage Broker

“To earn the trust of my clients and everyone involved in the loan process by illustrating a level of integrity and credibility that allows for a stress free experience”

Danica Hobbs NMLS #2157030

Mortgage Broker

“My goal is to provide education and guidance in the mortgage process for clients while maintaining a superior level of integrity and excellence, so clients feel empowered to make important home-buying decisions.”

HuyenThi Le NMLS# 1174616

Senior Mortgage Broker

“My goal is to provide a genuine sense of helpfulness throughout the mortgage process for anyone in our different communities, especially communities of lower income and the underserved. Although the process can be intimidating, it’s a lot easier to get a mortgage than some may think! I will help clients navigate through and add clarity to the comprehensive process. I have an extensive background in retail banking, primarily in loan origination and underwriting for residential, commercial, construction and business loans. I am here to answer as many questions as one may have to make an informed decision on their real estate investment; and will explore every possible option, because homeownership is for everyone.”

Derek Lewis NMLS #2292967

Mortgage Broker

“My mission is simple – to provide you with high quality service, trust, and integrity, so you can be reassured that you and your family are in the best hands. With my dedication and years of experience in the industry, I pledge to keep your interests as my top priority.”

Pamela Lumpkin, CRMP NMLS# 260400

Processor II, Senior Mortgage Broker

“My goal is to provide education and guidance throughout the mortgage process and to treat each of our clients like a member of my own family. I am committed to sustaining a superior level of integrity and excellence.”

Michelle Maes NMLS #370022

Senior Mortgage Broker

“I bring over 25 years’ experience in the financial/lending industry. One of my passions as a lender is seeing my clients realize their home ownership dreams. My goal is to create a pleasant home lending experience by providing communication throughout the entire process, being attentive to my clients’ needs, and ultimately recommending the product that best fits those needs.”

Andy Miller NMLS #2311785

Mortgage Broker

“I make it my mission to treat each client like they’re my ONLY client. The home buying process can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By equipping my clients with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions and providing unparalleled customer service, I help them feel confident about getting into their next dream home!”

Eric Montgomery NMLS# 1268978

Mortgage Broker

“As a broker, I am here to help my clients combine the largest loan of their lives with their unique financial plans and goals. The process of securing a mortgage loan is integral to a person’s financial success. When working for my clients, I seek to increase their cash flow, lower their total interest, and/or grow their total net worth in the most efficient way possible.” 

Quynh Nguyen NMLS# 1171159

Senior Mortgage Broker (Also speaks Vietnamese)

“Outstanding service is the keystone of my business. I believe a mortgage should be about building long term relationship, and helping my clients achieve their home financing goals, not just a transaction. My passion is to provide the most efficient and high quality mortgage lending services to all the families in the community we serve, and helping many more of my clients to build wealth though homeownership. It’s more than a mortgage, it’s about thinking of you first and become your lender for life.”

Jan Nobles NMLS# 1551438

Processor II, SeniorMortgage Broker (Also speaks Thai) Licensed in California and Colorado

“My goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations by providing personalized service. I focus on my clients’ specific needs to ensure they receive individualized service and the highest quality of care.”

Stephanie Price NMLS# 2056571

Director of Operations

“My goal is to support the Industry Home Mortgage team by creating systems, structures, and resources that streamline day to day business operations and communication, and ultimately lead to better client experiences.”

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